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Acccording to michael r lightner ieee vice president

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Unformatted text preview: he paper permanently[ but not to remove the docu more incidents of plagiarism,” says Hagen. Acccording to Michael R. Lightner, IEEE vice president, ment,” Lightner says. “We decided it was more important Publication Services and Products, and 2005 IEEE presi to preserve the historical record and to maintain consis dent-elect, “The IEEE publishes approximately 450 000 tency between what exists in print and online,” According to Hagen, plagiarism is likely to become pages a year, under a hundred different editors, hundreds more associate editors and over 300 conference publication more of a problem, if only because in the past the prac chairs. With this volume, yosire bound to have violations.” tice may have gone unnoticed. “As search tools get more Lightner notes that the IEEE has always had procedures sophis...
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