About Plagiarism

Another persotis work might have been copied always

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Unformatted text preview: ve been plagiarized, it may not is today. Another persotis work might have been copied always be easy to find the person to complain to, It’s laboriously by hand or, later, more easily with a Xerox much easier to complain to an editor of a regularly machine; now someone’s words can be lifted quickly with published journal. 9”he thing to do with a conference paper,” Hagen a couple of mouse clicks. Electronic dissemination of information during the past few years has been an impor says, “is go to the next higher level, to ask the vice pres tant contributor to increased reports of plagiarism within ident for publications of the society sponsoring the con the IEEE ssd elsewhere, The PSPll took action because of ference, or the equivalent, to consider the situation,” the dramatic increase in complaints, Fortunatel)c there are two sides to& mouse-click...
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