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Conferences are a particu lar problem hagen says

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Unformatted text preview: r, before it’s too late. “Conferences are a particu lar problem,” Hagen says, “because of the large number how it should be dealt with are not always clear. With that in mind, the IEEE Publication Services and of papers usually involved. Papers get reviewed for qual Products Board (PSPB) has approved new guidelines for ity, but since most conference proceedings have a faster the IEEE that define different levels of plagiarism and review cycle than periodicals, reviewers may not have an set corrective actions to be taken for misconduct [see side- opportunity to recognize plagiarism.” And, when sections of a published conference bar, “The Five Levels of Plagiarisrsf9. It used to be much more diffIcult to plagiarize than it paper are found to ha...
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