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Be found hagen says for example the next version of

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Unformatted text preview: ticated the opportunity increases for more cases to in place to deal with plagiarism, but they wererit uniform. be found,” Hagen says. “For example, the next version of “Some parts of the IEEE would impose a very harsh penslty IEEE Xplore will have a full-text search function that will and others would have a milder one,” he says. The PSPB’s allow users to enter longer strings of characters and new guidelines address the disparities. “We felt it was words and increase the chances of finding duplicate or incumbent upon us to examine what we were doing and multiple instances of the same text in different papers by come up with some uniform processes, definitions and different authors.” Lightner credits two volunteers, former PSPB Vice principles throughout the institute,” he says. Part of the incon...
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