Example of a good title andabsirau the following

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Unformatted text preview: on magnetic tape or read out to a computer. Example of a Good Title and.Absirau The following title and abstract are indicative of the work done and informative as to the engineering techniques and the limits of precision. Title: “A Precise Optical Instrumentation Radar.” Abstract: An instrumentation tracker is described that provides real time positional data on high-speed cooperative targets with a precision <1 mat ranges between 300 m and 10km. Unambiguous range is deter. mined by a precise digital frequency-modulation—continuous-wave (FM CW) ranging technique using a target-mounted beacon and a narrow laser ranging beam. This system permits measurement of target position to values much less than target dimension. Azimuth and elevation angles are read out by precision shaft angle encoders and recorded in binary form, along with range and time, on magnetic tape or directly to a real time computer. CONCLUSION An abstract by its content, form, and style should serve to preview the rest of the published article. The abstract is often the only part of a research article that will ever be examined by colleagues or researchers. That abstract will be used to decide if its parent article will be ignored or if it merits further attention. Therefore, authors do themselves a disservice when the abstract fails to answer the question, “What is this article really about?”...
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