Make style and grammar consistent throughout

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Unformatted text preview: le (who is usually not an expert). Make style and grammar consistent throughout. Eliminate obscure abbreviations and define all abbreviations on first use. • Do not cite other articles unless your paper is a continuation of, or is directly based upon, a specific, previously published article, or if the citation is crucial to the understanding of your work. In this case, give the complete citation enclosed in square brackets, even if the citation aLso appears in the reference list. • Check that the abstract meets these five criteria: (1) The abstract tells the prospective reader what the article is about, in language appropriate to the field. (2) The abstract states the principal results and conclusions of the article when they are of a nature that permits brief statement. (3) The abstract is no longer than necessary, typically 100 to 150 words, longer only if the complexity of the article demands it. (4) The abstract and title contain the information needed to index the article. (5) The abstract does not contain concepts or conclusions beyond those discussed or arrived at in the article itself. Example of a Poor Thie and Abstract The following title and abstract are merely indicative of the work done and provide few technical details. Title: “Laser Radar For Tracking Airborne Targets.” Abstract: An instrumentation tracker that quickly shows the position of high-speed targets with great precision is described. Range is deter. mined bya FMCW radar. Azimuth and elevation angles are recorded...
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