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Style Guide for Abstracts of IEEE-Published Articles Electronics Engineers, Inc. New York, NY 10017 Abstn7ct—Basic guidelines preparing abstracts papers appeanng in IEEE publications are presented. The attributes good abstract reviewed and a step-by-step procedure Ihair construction Is suggested. Examples demonstrating the desired characteristics provided. INTRoDucr1o4 usefulness technical articles is greatly enhanced if their contents summarized by short, descriptive title well written abstract. These arc starting points that enable searchers (librarians or end-users research community) to find documents most interest them. To ammodate needs researchers, libraries, other important information services, ensure material published readily retrievable from print machine-searchable sources, all IEEE-published should include an Prepared aceording procedures outlined this article, value current readers provides basis later computer.assisted search retrieval article bibliographic databases. WHAT CONSTITUTES A GOOD ABSTRACT? An collection statements comprises essential parent article. enhances everyone concerned—author, reader, researcher, indexer. It must be able stand alone as self contained unit, complete report miniature. Superlatives omitted. not contain graphs, tables, illustrations. informative present much possible quantitative qualitative between 100 150 words long, short without omitting endangering its aceuracy. tell: what actually presented, measured, theorized,
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