1996 18 parenthetical reference distribution systems

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Unformatted text preview: given, list all other information: “Distribution Systems for the New Decade.” Power Technology Magazine 18 Oct. 1996: 18+. Parenthetical reference: (“Distribution Systems” 18) This article began on page 18 and then continued on page 21. When an arti cle does not appear on consecutive pages, give only the number of the first page, followed immediately by a plus sign. A three-letter abbreviation denotes any month spelled with five or more letters. 10. Article, Journal with New Pagination Each lssue—MLA Thackman.White, Joan R. “Computer.Assisted Research.” American Library Journal 51.1 (1997): 3—9. Parenthetical reference: (Thackman-White 4—5) Because each issue for that year will have page numbers beginning with “i,” readers need the number of this issue. The “51” denotes the volume number; the “1” denotes the issue number. Omit “The” or “A” or any other introduc tory article from a journal or magazine title. 11. ArtIcle, Journal with Continuous Pagination—MLA Barnstead, Marion H. “The Writing Crisis.” journal of Writing Theory 12 (1994): 415—33. Parenthetical reference: (Bamstead 418) When page numbers continue from issue to issue for the full year, readers won’t need the issue number, because no other issue in that year repeats these same page numbers. (Include the issue number if you think it will help read ers retrieve the artide more easily.) The “12” denotes the volume number. 12. ArtIcle, Newspaper—MLA Baranski, Vida H. “Errors in Technology Assessment.” Boston Times 15 jan. 1997, evening ed., sec. B: 3. Parenthetical reference: (Baranski 3) When a daily newspaper has more than one edition, cite the specific edition after the date. Omit any introductory article in the newspaper’s name (not The Boston Times). If no author is given, list all other information. If the newspaper’s name does not contain the city of publication, insert it, using brackets: “Sippkan Sentinel [Marion, MA].” MLA Works Cited Entries for Other Sources. Miscellaneous sources range from unsigned encyclopedia entries to conference presentations to government publications. A full citation should give this information (as available): author, title, city publisher, date, and page numbers. 13. Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Other Alphabetic Reference—MLA Communication.” The Business Reference Book. 1993 ed. Parenthetical reference: (“Communication”) Begin a signed entry with the author’s name. For any work arranged alpha betically, omit page numbers in the citation and the parenthetical reference. For a well-known reference book, only an editi...
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