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Unformatted text preview: arenthetical reference: (Argent 4) If the author is not known, begin with the work’s title. 27. Computer Software—MLA Virtual Collaboration. Diskette. New York: Harper, 1994. Parenthetical reference: (Virtual) Begin with the author’s name, if known. 28. CD-ROM Source—MLA Cavanaugh, Herbert A. “EMF Study: Good News and Bad News.” Electrical World Feb. 1995: 8. ABl/INFORM. CD.ROM. Proquest. Sept. 1995. Parenthetical reference: (Cavanaugh 8) If the material also is available in print, begin with complete publication information, followed by the name of the database (underlined), “CD-ROM” designation, vendor name, and electronic publication date. If the material has no printed equivalent, list its author (if known) and its title (in quotation marks), followed by the electronic source information. For CD-ROM reference works and other material that is not routinely updated, give the work title followed by thç “CD-ROM” designation, place, electronic publisher, and date: Time Almanac. CD-ROM. Washington: Compact, 1994. Parenthetical reference. (Time Almanac 74) Begin with the author’s name, if known. 29. Internet Posting (Bulletin Board, Discussion LIst)—MLA Templeton, Brad. “10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained. 29 Nov. 1994. Online posting. Listserv law/copyright.FAOimyths/part 1. BITNET. 6 May 1995. Parenthetical reference: (Templeton) Begin with the author’s name (if known), followed by the title of the work (in quotation marks), publication date, the “Online posting” designation, name of discussion group, name of network, and date of your access. If appropri ate, you can include the online address at the end of your entry after the word “Available.” The parenthetical reference includes no page number because none is given in an online posting. 30. E-malI—MLA I Wallin, John Luther. “Frog Reveries.” E-mail to author. 12 Oct. 1996. Cite personal E-mail as you would printed correspondence. If the document has a subject line or title, enclose it in quotation marks. For publidy posted E-mail (for a newsgroup or discussion list) include the address and the date of access. 31. Web Source—M1.A Dumont, R. A. “An Online Course in Technical Writing.” 10 Dec. 1995. Online posting. (6 Jan. 1996). Parenthetical reference: (Dumont 7—9) Begin with the author’s name (if known), followed by title of the work (in quotation marks), the posting date, the “Online” designation, the Web address, and the date of access. In place of (or in addition to) the Web address, include the name of the Web site (underlined), if available: Rogers, S. E. “Chemical Risk Assessment Guidelines.” 12 Feb. 1996. OTA Online. (10 Mar. 1996). “OTA” stands for Office of Technology Assessment....
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