House armed services committee funding for the

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Unformatted text preview: name of the issuing agency document title, place, pub lisher, and date. For any congressional document, identify the house of Congress (Senate or House of Representatives) before the title, and the num ber and session of Congress after the title: United States Cong. House. Armed Services Committee. Funding for the Military Academies. 103rd Congress., 2nd. sess. Washington: GPO, 1995. Parenthetical reference: (U.S. Cong. 41) “GPO” is the abbreviation for the U.S. Government Printing Office. For an entry from the Congressional Record, give only date and pages: Cong. Rec. 10 Mar. 1994: 2178—92. Parenthetical reference: (Cong. Rec. 2184) 23. Document with Corporate AuthorshIp—MLA Hermitage Foundation. Global Warming Scenarios for the Year 2030. Washington: Natl. Res. Council, 1996. Parenthetical reference (Hermitage Foun. 123) 24. Map or Other VisuaI—MLA Deaths Caused by Breast Cancer, by County. Map. Scientific American Oct. 1995: 32D. Parenthetical reference: (Deaths Caused) If the creator of the visual is listed, list that name first. Identify the type of visual (“Map,” “Graph,” “Table,” “Diagram”) immediately following its title. 25. Unpublished Dissertation, Report, or Miscellaneous ltems—MLA Author (if known), title (in quotes), sponsoring organization or publisher, date, page numbers. For any work that has group authorship (corporation, committee, task force), cite the name of the group or agency in place of the author’s name. MM Works Cited Entries for Electronic Sources. In general, citation for an elec tronic source with a printed equivalent should begin with that publication infor mation (see relevant sections above). But whether or not a printed equivalent exists, any citation should enable readers to retrieve the material electronically. 26. Onilne Database Source—MLA Sahi J. D. “Power Lines, Viruses, and Childhood Leukemia.” Cancer Causes Control 61 (Jan. 1995): 83. MEDLINE. Online. DIALOG. 7 Nov. 1995. Parenthetical reference: (SahI 83) For entries with a printed equivalent, begin with complete publication infor mation, then the database title (underlined), the “Online” designation to indicate the medium, the service provider, and date of access. The access date is important because frequent updatings of databases can produce different versions of the material. For entries with no printed equivalent, give the title and date of the work in quotation marks, followed by the electronic source information: Argent, Roger R. “An Analysis of International Exchange Rates for 1995.” Accu-Data. Online. Dow Jones News Retrieval. 10 Jan. 1996. P...
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