Report no rp29645 palo alto ca epri nov 1994

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Unformatted text preview: on (if stated) and a date are needed. For other reference books, give the full publication information. 14. Report—MLA Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI). Epidemiologic Studies of Electric Utility Employees. (Report No. RP2964.5). Palo Alto, CA: EPRI, Nov. 1994. Parenthetical reference: (Electrical Power Research Institute [EPRI] 27) If no author is given, begin with the organization that sponsored the report. For any report or other document with group authorship, as above, include the group’s abbreviated name in your first parenthetical reference, and then use only that abbreviation in any subsequent reference. 15. Conference Presentatlon—MLA Smith, Abelard A. “Radon Concentrations in Molded Concrete.” First British Symposium in Environmental Engineering. London, 11—13 Oct. 1995. Ed. Anne Hodkins. London: Harrison, 1996. 106—21. Parenthetical reference: (Smith 109) The above example shows a presentation that has been included in the pub lished proceedings of a conference. For an unpublished presentation, include the presenter’s name, the title of the presentation, and the conference title, loca tion, and date, but do not underline or italicize the conference information. 16. IntervIew, Personally Conducted—MLA Nasser, Camel. Chief Engineer for Northern Electric. Personal Interview. Rangeley, ME. 2 Apr. 1996. Parenthetical reference: (Nasser) 17. IntervIew, Publlshed—MLA Lescault, James. “The Future of Graphics.” Executive Views of Automation. Ed. Karen Prell. Miami: Haber, 1997. 216—31. Parenthetical reference: (Lescault 218) The interviewee’s name is placed in the entry’s author slot. 18. Letter, Unpubllshed—MLA I Rogers, Leonard. Letter to the author. 15 May 1993. Parenthetical reference: (Rogers) 19. Questlonnalre—MLA Taylor, Lynne. Questionnaire sent to 612 Massachusetts business executives. 14 Feb. 1997. Parenthetical reference: (Taylor) 20. Brochure or Pamphiet—MIA Investment Strategies for the 21St Century. San Francisco: Blount Economics Assn., 1997. Parenthetical reference: (Investment) If the work is signed, begin with its author. 21. Lecture—MLA DLjmont, R. A. “Managing Natural Gas.” Lecture. University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth 15 jan. 1996. 0 Parenthetical reference: (Dumont) If the lecture title is not known, write Address, Lecture, or Reading but do not use quotation marks. Include the sponsor and the location if available. 22. Government Document—MLA Virginia. Highway Dept. Standards for Bridge Maintenance. Richmond: Virginia Highway Dept.. 1991. Parenthetical reference: (Virginia Highway Dept. 49) If the author is unknown (as above), list the information in this order: name of the government,...
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