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StyleForReferences - P1opE,J LAwauA A5SoC.lA-1ia.J Index to...

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P1opE,J LAwauA’ A5SoC.lA-1ia.J Index to Sample MIA Works Cited Entries Books 1. Book, single author 16. Interview, personally conducted 2. Book, two or three authors 1 7. Interview, published 3. Book, four or more authors 18. Letter, unpublished 4. Book, anonymous author 19. Questionnaire 5. Multiple books, same author 20. Brochure or pamphlet 6. Book, one or more editors 21. Lecture 7. Book, indirect source 22. Government document 8. Anthology selection or book chapter 23. Document with corporate authorship Periodicals 24. Map or other visual 9. Article, magazine 25. Dissertation or miscellaneous items 10. Article, journal with new pagination each issue Electronic Sources 11. Article, journal with continuous pagination 26. Online database source 12. Article, newspaper 27. Computer software Other Sources 28. CD-ROM source 13. Encyclopedia, dictionaiy, alphabetic reference 29. Internet posting 14. Report 30. E-mail 15. Conference presentation 31. Web source MLA l4 T orks Cited En tries The Works Cited list includes each source you have paraphrased or quoted. In preparing the list, which you should double space, type the first line of each entry flush with the left margin. Indent second and subsequent lines five spaces. Use one character space after any period, comma, or colon. Following are examples of complete citations as they would appear in the Works Cited section of your document. Shown italicized below each citation is its corresponding parenthetical reference as it would appear in the text. Note capitalization, abbreviations, spacing, and punctuation in sample entries. MLA Works CitedEntriesforBooks. Any citation for a book should contain the following information (found on the book’s title and copyright pages): author, title, editor or translator, edition, volume number, and facts about publication (city, publisher, date). 1. Book, Single Author—MLA Kerzin-Fontana, Jane B. Technology Management: A Handbook. 3rd ed. Delmar, NY: American Management Assn., 1997. Parenthetical reference: (Kerzin-Fontana 3—4) Identify the state of publication by U.S. Postal Service abbreviations. If the city of publication is well known (Boston, Chicago, and so on), omit the state abbreviation. If several cities are listed on the title page, give only the first. For Canada, include the province abbreviation after the city. For all other coun tries, include an abbreviation of the country name. JML.., Iq4—2 0 2.
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2. Book, Two or Three Authors—MLA Aronson, Linda, Roger Katz, and Candide Moustafa. Toxic Waste Disposal Methods. New Haven: Yale UP, 1996. Parenthetical reference: (Aronson, Katz, and Moustafa 121—23) Shorten publishe?s names, as in “Simon” for Simon & Schuster or “Yale UP” for Yale University Press. For page numbers having more than two digits, give only the final two digits for the second number.
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StyleForReferences - P1opE,J LAwauA A5SoC.lA-1ia.J Index to...

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