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Unformatted text preview: blishe?s names, as in “Simon” for Simon & Schuster or than two digits, give for Yale University Press. For page numbers having more only the final two digits for the second number. 0 3. Book Four or More Authors—MLA New Santos, Ruth J., et a!. Environmental Crises in Developing Countries. York: Harper, 1994. Parenthetical reference: (Santos et a!. 9) “Et al:’ is the abbreviated form of the Latin “et alia,” meaning “and others.” 4. Book, Anonymous Author—MLA Structured Programming. Boston: Meredith, 1995. Parenthetical reference: (Structured 67) S. Multiple Books, Same Author—MLA Chang, John W. Biophysics. Boston: Little, 1997. Diagnostic Techniques. New York: Radon, 1994. Parenthetical references: (Chang, Biophysics 123—26) (Chang, Diagnostic 87) When citing more than one work by the same author, do not repeat the author’s name; simply type three hyphens followed by a period. List the works alphabetically by title. 6. Book, One or More Editors—MLA Morris, A. J., and Louise B. Pardin-Walker, ed. Handbook of New Information Technology. New York: Harper, 1996. Parenthetical reference: (Morris and Pardin-Walker 34) For more than three editors, name only the first, followed by “et aL” 7. Book, Indirect Source—MLA Kline, Thomas. Automated Systems. Boston: Rhodes, 1992. Stubbs, John. White-Collar Productivity. Miami: Harris, 1996. Parenthetical reference: (qtd. in Stubbs 116) When your source (as in Stubbs, above) has quoted or cited another source, include each source in its appropriate alphabetical place in your Works Cited list. Use the name of the original source (here, Kline) in your text and begin the parenthetical reference with “qtd. in”—or “cited in” for a paraphrase. 8. Anthology Selection or Book Chapter—MLA Bowman, Joel P. “Electronic Conferencing. Communication and Technology: Today and Tomorrow. Ed. Al Williams. Denton, TX: Assn. for Business Communication, 1994. 123—42. Parenthetical reference: (Bowman 129) Page numbers in the entry cover the selection cited from the anthology available information in this MM Works Cited Entries for Periodicals. Give all ical title, volume and issue, date (day month, order author, article title, period year), and page numbers for the entire article—not just pages cited. 9. Article, Magazine—MLA DesMarteau, Kathleen. “Study Links Sewing Machine Use to Alzheimer’s Disease.” Bobbin Oct. 1994: 36—38. Parenthetical reference: (DesMarteau 36) No punctuation separates the magazine title and date. Nor is the abbreviation “p.” or “pp.” used to designate page numbers. If no author is...
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