Opiates Lecture

How they move through the body depends on how the

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Unformatted text preview: narcoHc drug •  Chemically modified form of morphine •  Usually appears in bags of loose powder containing about 100 milligrams. •  Color can be a white powder (prized for its purity); Mexican “black tar” heroin •  Snort powder directly, or dissolve in saline and inject it. •  Purity can range from 10% to 70% heroin Heroin Defies Economics •  It has improved in quality as the price has fallen •  Heroin is cheaper than prescripHon opioids •  Improved purity allows users to get high without injecHng it: smoke or snort •  Users who start out snorHng sHll become addicted and progress to IV shooHng Use usually begins… •  The occasional experimentaHon, olen with snorHng or skin- popping first, or weekend use, then gradually accelerates over a period of months to conHnuous administraHon at intervals of 4 to 6 hours. How They Move Through The Body •  Depends on how the user takes it •  IV is fastest, then smoke- peak levels occur in minutes •  Fentanyl is the most fat- soluble and achieves maximum brain concentraHons in seconds. •  The faster the buzz, the greater danger of death by overdose Effects on the B...
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