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Overdose most dangerous eect and cause of death is

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Unformatted text preview: rain •  Opiates act on specific receptor molecules for the endorphin/enkephalin class of neurotransmiTers •  They control movement, mood, and physiology- they control bodily acHviHes including digesHon, body temp, & breathing •  Help to process pain and reward center. Dependence, AddicHon, Tolerance •  People who start taking opiates can quickly become dependent •  Most addicts have to take use several Hmes a day •  Tolerance develops quickly, but can also have a tolerance to the negaHve effects- ability to take larger and larger doses Withdrawal: Dope Sick •  Early signs: –  Watery eyes, runny nose, yawning, and sweaHng –  Dysphoria (just feeling lousy) feelings –  Cravings for the drug, can last for months –  Diarrhea (opposite of acute effects of use) Avoidance of withdrawal becomes the driving force behind addicHon Are you a Junkie? •  Many people use opiates to get high •  Some develop a habitual paTern of daily use that accelerates over Hme,...
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