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Models of Addiction Lecture

Suggested treatment for the disease model idencaon and

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Unformatted text preview: ple who follow this model of addic,on believe that “addic,ve personali,es” exist •  Many people with AOD addic,ons also have problems with addic,ons to nondrug behavior - Gambling - Food - Work - Sex •  However, efforts to iden,fy “addic,ve personali,es” have been unsuccessful. Suggested Treatments for the Psychological Model •  Psychotherapy •  Iden,fica,on and modifica,on of self- esteem, interpersonal skills, impulse control, improved boundary selng Treatment Spets •  Psychotherapists •  Social Workers with training in advanced prac,ce Disease Concept of Addic,on Background •  An implicit component to AA and NA, and also serves as a model for most treatment programs •  Credited to the work of E.M. Jellinek •  In 1951, Alcoholism was recognized as a medical problem by the World Health Organiza,on •  In 1956, The AMA declared alcoholism as a treatable illness. •  1965 APA began using the word “disease” when describing alcoholism, and the AMA followed in 1966. •  Contrary to the psychological model, the disease concept views addic...
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