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Models of Addiction Lecture

This may cause the woman to gravitate towards alcohol

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Unformatted text preview: ial situa,ons at a young age. •  These groups are taught to use alcohol responsibly from a young age, rather than prohibi,ng it completely. Causal Factors cont. •  In Contrast: Those who may be raised in a religion that prohibits alcohol use, and have never seen moderate use, may be more likely to use in an excessive manner. •  The use pa?erns and altudes about alcohol and drugs of family members and peers is highly related to addic,on. •  30% of children with alcoholic parents develop alcoholism •  5% of children with moderate using parents develop alcoholism •  10% of children with abstaining parents develop alcoholism •  Parental use of alcohol and drugs is one of the most important factors in early use for adolescents Lawson, Peter, and Lawson (1983) Treatments •  Treatment would need to involve changing our society. •  While such efforts can have an impact, sociological change is slow. For an individual who has problems in his or her life due to alcohol or drug use, changing the world is too slow a process to be of immediate help. Psychological Model of Addic,on •  This...
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