Marijuana lecture

Toll taken on mental funclons cannabinoid receptors

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Unformatted text preview: S Routes of marijuana administraLon Pipes Stone, ceramic or glass 50% of the THC makes it into the bloodstream Water pipes Bongs – most efficient 90% of the THC makes it into the bloodstream CANNABIS KINETICS •  Oral use –  PsychoacLve effects slowed to about one hour –  AbsorpLon is erraLc –  High is less intense, but lasts longer than if smoked •  IV use –  Water insoluble so cannot be injected How THC Moves Through the Body •  Absorbed into the blood through the lungs •  From the lungs, to the heart, up to the brain (only takes minutes) •  Much of the THC is gone from the brain within a few hours •  THC is absorbed and stored in other organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, and tesLcles. Once its in there, it stays awhile •  High wears off, but THC is sLll there •  50% of the THC is in the blood 20 hrs aper smoking •  As it goes through the other organs it is absorbed or converted into other compounds that are sLll psychoacLve as they break down •  So although the high is gone, the effects on physical and mental funcLoning goes on … THC likes FAT •  Stores in your fat cells. •  30% of ingested THC remains a full week aper smoking •  A single large dose of THC maybe detectable...
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