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Drug perceptual disorder amolvalonal syndrome liale

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Unformatted text preview: up to three weeks later. CANNABINOIDS Effects varies wildly and depends on potency –  Sense of well being –  RelaxaLon –  Euphoria –  Modified level of consciousness –  Altered percepLons –  Intensified sensory experiences –  Altered Lme sense –  Sexual disinhibiLon Effects on the Brain •  The chemicals travel through bloodstream and aaach to special places on brain’s nerve cells (THC receptors) •  THC disrupts nerve cells in part of brain where memories are found, making it harder for user to recall recent events and hard to learn while high. •  Toll taken on mental funcLons Cannabinoid Receptors SyntheLcs •  Marketed as herbal incense •  They don’t trigger + test •  Contain various syntheLc Cannabinoids. •  When smoked, there is a high similar to pot, but not as long •  No idea about long term effects. SHORT-TERM EFFECTS Physical: - relaxation to sedation - bloodshot eyes - coughing/lung irritation - some pain control - increase in appetite, - loss in muscular coordination - decreased blood pressure - decrease in pressure behind the eyes - increased heart rate - increased blood flow through the mucous membranes of the eye - decreased nausea - impa...
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