Marijuana lecture

However laws are ineeclve due to federal governments

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Unformatted text preview: . The hypothesis has been challenged on both behavioral and pharmacological grounds. POTENTIAL ADVERSE PSYCHIATRIC REACTIONS - hallucinations - precipitate individuals who are predisposed - paranoid ideation - suspiciousness - frank delusions. Cardio-Vascular System HEART •  Increased heart rate •  20- 30 beats per minute •  Increase blood pressure LUNGS •  Chronic smoking reduces lung funcLoning. •  No definiLve link to lung cancer, but studies show pot smoking can predispose someone to lung cancer •  3- 4 joints a day= chronic bronchiLs (like a pack a day smoker) •  REPRODUCTIVE / ENDOCRINE SYSTEM –  Alters pituitary hormones –  Decreases prolacLn (a pituitary hormone that sLmulates lactaLon aper childbirth) –  Decreases growth hormone –  Decreases luteinizing hormone –  Galac...
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