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Marijuana lecture

Treatment of fever insomnia appelte slmulalon

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Unformatted text preview: Lsm, malaria, beri beri, consLpaLon and absent- mindedness” CANNABIS HISTORY •  1,400 BC - in India used to treat anxiety –  Bhang (drink from leaves) –  Ganja (dried resin) •  1,200 BC - found in a Chinese burial site, also used for bow strings and paper (mixed with mulberry bark) CANNABIS HISTORY •  First century AD –  Chinese use it to treat consLpaLon, malaria and absent- mindedness –  Greeks use it to treat earaches and as a pleasurable dessert made from the seeds –  Indian physicians used it for treatment of fever, insomnia, appeLte sLmulaLon, headaches and sexually transmiaed diseases CANNABIS HISTORY •  200 A.D. Chinese use it as anesthesia for operaLons •  13th century, Marco Polo learned of a band of thugs in Iran whose leader controlled his followers using hashish. These murderers were called hashishins which was modified to assassins later on. CANNABIS HISTORY •  Folk medicine in Europe •  Germany - to treat seizures, aid in childbirth •  Poland - for toothache (seeds put on hot stones and vapors inhaled) •  Czech...
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