lecture 17

if the patella is dislocated slightly ex the hip and

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Unformatted text preview: toe caught) •  +/ ­ laterally directed force •  Knee usually near full ________. (out of trochlea) Slide created by Brian Webb Symptoms and Signs •  May report feeling knee •  “fast swelling” “shi^”, “move” or “pop •  Loss of knee func5on (if out” s5ll dislocated) •  Pain++ •  Tenderness over medial un5l reduced border of patella •  Posi5ve ____________ _________________ test •  Need to R/O ACL…Why?? If the patella is dislocated, slightly flex the hip and slowly ______________ the knee. Usually the patella relocates. If it does not, ________force the patella medial. There may be some associated fractures (back of the patella, lateral femoral condyle). Send for x rays immediately! Lateral Support Complex LCL •  Round fibrous cord that is extra capsular •  Lateral aspect of the knee is mainly supported by__________________ •  LCL is 5th or 6th on the list! Lateral Collateral Ligament •  LCL injuries are less ___________ but more ______________ secondary to the number of structures •  Usually ______ loading +...
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