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Chisholm oawa knee rules a knee radiograph is

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Unformatted text preview: common •  #, meniscal tears, capsular tears may be the cause •  In pediatrics, suspect patellar disloca5on •  Past history of trauma, surgeries Slide by M. Chisholm •  O[awa Knee Rules A knee radiograph is indicated a^er trauma when at least one of the following is present: imageinterpreta5on.co.uk Age greater than 55 or less than 18 Tender over fibular head Tender over patella Inability to flex 90 degrees (hemarthrosis/#) •  Inability to walk 4 steps •  •  •  •  ______ Sensi5vity •  Be suspicious of: –  High ­speed injuries –  Younger pa5ent who may avulse a bony fragment –  Clinical suspicion of loose bodies (S5ell, et al, 1996) SUBLUXED OR DISLOCATED PATELLA Lateral Medial Acute Disloca5on Patellar Disloca5on occurs when the patella moves out of its groove _________ onto/over the femoral condyle MOI: •  Forceful knee ER (5bia ER/femur IR) +/ ­ forceful quads cxn •  Foot planted (or...
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