lecture 17

Chisholm per5nent history pa5ent describes an audible

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Unformatted text preview: ________ swelling LCL only ­ More if so^ 5ssue injury –  ________________swelling medial side (grade 2+) •  Capsular effusion General Ligament Principles Magee, 2002 ACL Injuries •  Occurs with either contact or non ­contact (60 ­80%) mechanism •  Usually during cuDng or single leg landing –  May occur in isola5on or in combina5on with other injury •  75% sustain meniscal injuries •  80% have bone bruise •  2 ­8 x higher injury rate in females Bahr and Maehlum, 2004, Bruckner and Kahn, 2007 MOI •  Valgus a^er MCL ­ usually with contact •  Decelera5on/ internal rota5on – non ­contact •  Hyperextension ?? In the texts, but can it really happen in isola5on? •  Quads Ac5ve – anterior 5bial transla5on ACL Injury: Quads Ac5ve Mechanism •  Main mechanism:  ­rapid decelera5on  ­untoward landing •  Shoe – surface interface fric5on •  Anterior ____________________by quads Slide by M. Chish...
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