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Dis5nct end point grade iii pain variable with gross

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Unformatted text preview: hyperextension •  May include ITB, lateral hams, popliteus and LCL Medial Complex •  1. MCL thickening of capsule •  Primary stabilizer  ­_______ •  2. Muscles help in full ______ –  Medial hamstrings (semi tendinosis + semi membranosis) –  Medial head of gastrocs. –  Quad muscles (vastus med.) •  Bony structure is ter5ary support Medial Collateral Ligament •  40% of all severe knee injuries involve the MCL, making it the most frequently injured knee structure •  ___________ force with or without rota5on •  O^en occur in isola5on Signs and Symptoms of Ligament Sprains •  Complains of pain over structure •  Stress tes5ng: –  Grade I: pain with no laxity –  Grade II: pain with some laxity. Dis5nct end point –  Grade III: Pain variable with gross laxity •  Swelling: Timing? – ...
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