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A b c the mean is the same as the known populaon mean

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Unformatted text preview: ibu>on (distribu>on of means). a)  The mean is the same as the known popula>on mean. b)  The standard devia>on is figured as follows:   Figure the es>mated popula>on variance: S2 = SS/df   Figure the variance of the distribu>on of means: S2M = S2/N   Figure the standard devia>on of the distribu>on of means: SM = √S2M c)  The shape will be a t distribu>on with N – 1 degrees of freedom. 3.  Determine the cutoff sample score on the comparison distribu>on at which the null hypothesis should be rejected. a)  Decide on the significance level and whether to use a one ­ tailed or two ­tailed test. b)  Look up the appropriate cutoff in a t table. 4.  Determine your sample’s score on the comparison distribu>on: t = (M – μ)/SM 5.  Decide whether to reject the null hypothesis (comparing Step 4 to cutoff in Step 5) A popula>on as a mean of 23. A sample of N = 4 is given an experimental procedure and has scores of 20, 22, 22, and 20. Test the hypothesis that the procedure leads...
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