a parcular persons value on a variable 2 82713

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Unformatted text preview: value on a variable   Variable = ??   A characteris<c that can have different values   Possible values = ??   A possible number or category that a score can have   Score = ??   A par<cular person’s value on a variable 2 8/27/13   Levels of Measurement (or Kinds of Variables)   Numeric (quan<ta<ve) variable ▪  Examples?   Nominal (categorical) variable ▪  Examples?   Discrete Variable   Variable that has specific values and cannot have values in between those values   Examples?   Con*nuous Variable   Variable for which, in theory, there are an infinite number of values between any two values   Examples?   Nominal scales   Unordered categories (e.g., favorite color, religion, marital status)   Ordinal scales   Order maRers (e.g., place in a race, class rank)   Equal interval scales   Intervals exactly the same (e.g., IQ scores)   Ra*o scales   True zero point, so has meaningful ra<os (e.g., dollars) 3 8/27/13   Experimental Method   Research method in which the researcher manipulates one variable (or more...
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