Four key characteriscs of the ideal research design 1

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Unformatted text preview: you can’t manipulate?   Independent = measured predictor   Dependent = measured outcome   For example, are women smarter than men?   We can’t manipulate gender…   What is our independent measure (predictor)?   What is our dependent measure (outcome)? 5 8/27/13 INDEPENDENT (x) DEPENDENT (y)   The level of the dependent variable DEPENDS on the level of the independent variable   Does taking a drug (IV) prevent cancer (DV)? ▪  The level of cancer [present or not] depends on taking a drug.   Does being in an orphanage (IV) predict brain development (DV)? ▪  The level of brain development depends on orphanage care.   Is intelligence (DV) influenced by gender (IV)? ▪  The level of intelligence depends on gender.   Four key characteris*cs of the ideal research design: 1.  2.  The experimental and control groups are exposed to iden*cal situa*ons (except for the manipula<on of the independent variable) 3.  The sample studied perfectly represents the intended popu...
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