How do you experimentally test this remember the

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Unformatted text preview: ) while holding other things constant   Unlike other approaches (such as simple observa<on, or correla<on), the experimental method allows inferences of causality   Independent variable ­ variable manipulated by experimenter   Dependent variable ­ variable measured by the experimenter   Example 1 of Experimental Method   You want to test whether a drug prevents cancer. How do you experimentally test this? ▪  Remember, the experimental methods involves: (1) Manipula<ng one source of influence (2) While holding other variables constant   How would you set up this experiment? ▪  What is your independent (manipulated) variable? ▪  What is your dependent (measured) variable?   Example 1 of Experimental Method   You want to determine whether being raised in an orphanage affects children’s brain development   Ethical issue ­ We can’t manipulate (choose) who to put...
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