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4 on a test of quanitaive ability for the verbal

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Unformatted text preview: ­old scores 8 points   The 9 ­month ­old scores 12 points   The 38 ­month ­old scores 18 points   Mean = 0   Standard deviaIon = 1   Sum of a set of Z ­scores is always zero   Why? The mean has been subtracted from each score. Following the definiIon of the mean as a balancing point, the sum (and average) of all deviaIon scores must equal 0.   Z score someImes called “standard” score   The distribuIon of a set of standardized scores has the same shape as the unstandardized scores   Beware of the “normalizaIon” misinterpretaIon 10 9/9/13 Josh and Joanna, two kids in a family, both seem to be overweight. Their mom only has enough money for one of them to enroll in a special weight loss program. Help the mom decide who is the heaviest for his/her age.   Josh weighs 145 lbs For boys his age, M = 120, SD = 20     Joanna weighs 130 lbs For girls her age, M = 115, SD = 16   To foster compeIIon, a dad decides to give $50 to whichever of his sons does beSer in math. Who should get more money?   Younger brother (in 7th grade) scores 82   M = 76, SD = 12   Older brother (in 9th grade) scores 81   M = 76, SD = 10 A person scores an 81 on a test of verbal ability and 6.4 on a test of quanItaIve ability. For the...
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