what is a blackbody name a few objects that emit

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Unformatted text preview: ys fixed? (A related question: why is it that even a weak source of X ­rays or gamma rays can be harmful, while a radio wave is harmless no matter how strong the signal is?) What is a blackbody? Name a few objects that emit radiation with a blackbody spectrum. How is the peak wavelength related to the object’s temperature? (Wein’s law) Spectra of astronomical objects can include the following: blackbody spectrum, emission lines, absorption lines What is the spectrum of the Sun? (Hint: it includes two of the three items listed above. Doppler effect: if an object’s spectrum is redshifted, how is it moving? (Towards or away from us?) Vice versa for blueshift. What property determines the light gathering power of a telescope? (Light gathered is proportional to area, i.e. mirror diameter^2) What is the advantage of putting a telescope in space? Why is it necessary to put an infrared or X ­ray telescope in space? The Sun: Energy source : nuclear fusion, E=mc^2 Four fundamental forces: strong, weak, electromagnetism, gravity Stars: Life cycle: main sequence, red giant Supernovae: Produces elements heavier t...
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