Hint looked at globular clusters are the spiral

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Unformatted text preview: han iron End states: white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole Determining distance: b = L/d^2 Schwarzchild radius of black hole: R_s = (3 km) * (M/M_solar) Galaxies: Milky Way components: Disc (young stars), bulge, halo (old stars; where globular clusters live) Curtis ­Shapley Debate: How did Shapley estimate the size of the Milky Way galaxy? (Hint: looked at globular clusters) Are the spiral nebulae inside the Milky Way (Shapley), or are they separate “island universes” (Curtis)? How did Mr. Hubble resolve this debate? Special relativity: Motivations: speed of light (Michelson ­Morley experiment); the aether Principle of relativity The three “weird effects”: time dilation, length contraction, relativity of simultaneity Pseudo ­forces, acceleration, inertial reference frames The twin paradox: who is older? (The twin who stays on the Earth) General relativity: Special vs. general relativity: how are they different? The principle of equivalence Gravitational time dilation Geodesics Curvature: What are three “weird” geometrical effects of curved surfaces? Standard Candles: For the two types w...
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