5 - Data resources management

Lesstransactionerrors andreturnsincreasing

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Unformatted text preview: gement contributing to Emerson Process contributing Management Management Possibilities Strategic goals 1. Analyzing who customers are, where they are located, how much and which products purchased… 2. Prioritizing the allocation of resources to where they are most needed 3. Accurate and updated data 1. Regional or global sales teams. 2. Quality and accuracy of the data 3. Less transaction errors and returns, increasing customer satisfaction www.themegallery.com LOGO E merson’s data Emerson’s applications applications Syncade Smart Operations Management suite A class of real­time production management software To improve plant operations and extend the value of PlantWeb digital plant architecture by: o o Integrating real­time intelligent plant­floor data With procedural, off­line and transactional plant business processes, decisions and asset management www.themegallery.com LOGO Data resources Data management management contributing to other organizations 1. Setting up data...
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