5 - Data resources management

Com logo questions questions how does effective data

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Unformatted text preview: ging in preventative maintenance ­ preventing major problems from occurring in the data oData steward integrate across business units and geographic locations, providing a clear picture of worldwide operations oData stewards also provide main contact with data admin & database architect for new requirements www.themegallery.com LOGO Questions Questions How does effective data How resource management contribute to the strategic goals of an organization? goals Provide examples from Provide Emerson and others. www.themegallery.com LOGO Data resources Data (compon management management ents) • developing and maintaining standards • controls for an organization’s database Database Database administration administration • planning and control of data to support business functions and strategic organizational objectives Data Data administration administration • developing overall data architecture for a firm’s data resources Data planning www.themegallery.com LOGO mana...
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