5 - Data resources management

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Unformatted text preview: lity as “find­and­fix” effort Creating data quality team requires cross­ functional skillful people It’s very costly to fix the data www.themegallery.com LOGO Summary Is data steward necessary? Data quality is a journey Providing benefits for organizations Rybeck: “You can’t quit after the 1st task” www.themegallery.com LOGO Questions Why is the role of a data Why steward considered to be innovative? innovative? Explain. www.themegallery.com LOGO The role of data steward Data steward Employees who dedicated to establishing & maintaining the quality of data entered into the operation system Focus on data content www.themegallery.com LOGO The role of data steward People with an unusual mix of business, technology & diplomatic skills Data steward Politically astute Innovation Be good at conflict resolution www.themegallery.com LOGO The role of data steward Other Other companie s Comparison Emerson & Sanofi www.themegallery.com LOGO Comparison Other companies o‘Find­and­fix’ effort oBe con...
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