exam3 - CHEM 222 Exam 2 Name_ Spring 2008 DUE FRIDAY, March...

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CHEM 222 Name___________________________________ Exam 2 Spring 2008 DUE FRIDAY, March 7 by 4:00 PM NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED! Complete the exam following the instructions below and on the exam sheets. Clearly mark your answers. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK TO RECEIVE CREDIT. Instructions This is NOT an open-book, open-note take exam. You MAY NOT consult any human or nonhuman resource as you complete the exam. ** This exam MUST be completed INDIVIDUALLY. Group work or plagiarism will result in a zero for the exam. ** If you need clarification on a problem on the days Dr. Lamp is out of town, you may ask Dr. Kramer for clarification, if she is available. However, she will not provide information other that minor clarification and has the right so simply say “no”. Before opening the exam, prepare for it like you would for a traditional, in-class exam. Review concepts and examples from the text, as well as those discussed in class. This will help to maximize your effort on the exam and allow you to complete it more efficiently. Dr. Lamp will be in our normal classroom at 8:00 AM on Friday, March 7 if you prefer to wait until that time to begin the exam. We will need to leave the room by 9:25 AM. Time Restriction The exam has been written as though it could be given and completed in a normal 50 minute class period. However, given the out-of-class format, you may spend no more than two (2) hours working on this exam. This must be in one continuous block of time. You are on your honor to adhere to this restriction and record the time spent in the table below. Date Time Began Time Finished Total Time Pledge I pledge on my honor that I have completed the exam in accordance with the above instructions and that I have not provided or received unethical assistance. I realize that failure to comply with these instructions will result in a score of zero on the exam. _______________________________________________________ ________________ Signature Date
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Chemistry 222 Name__________________________________________ Spring 2008 Exam 2: Chapters 5,6,8 80 Points Complete two (2) of problems 1-3, problem 4, and three (3) of problems 5-8. CLEARLY mark the problems you do not want graded. You must show your work to receive credit for problems requiring math. Report your answers with the appropriate number of significant figures.
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exam3 - CHEM 222 Exam 2 Name_ Spring 2008 DUE FRIDAY, March...

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