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Unformatted text preview: , such as the network upgrade to 4G in Nordic and network upgrade to 3G in Asia. Including these investments the total amount of research and innovation in Telenor Group are estimated to be NOK 2.0 billion. hEALTh, SAFET y, SECurIT y AND ThE ENVIrONMENT (hSSE) In 2011, Telenor Group continued to work proactively and systematically with continuous improvement within the area of HSSE and Supply Chain Sustainability through its systematic Business Assurance activities in all business units. Having implemented an HSSE Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001 (occupational health & safety) and ISO 14001 (the environment) across most of the Group in 2010, Telenor business units have in 2011 made use of these systems to assess and mitigate risk, driving continuous improvement within their own operations. HSSE awareness has been a priority area also in 2011 and a Group-wide HSSE online training programme “People First” was developed and rolled out in a large part of the business units during 2011 and a continued rollout of the programme is expected in 2012. The programme is also available for Telenor’s suppliers at www.telenor.com. In 2011, a total of 9 680 Telenor employees completed the programme in addition to 19 726 employees of suppliers to Telenor. Integration of HSSE with regular business operations has been strengthened and the monthly internal non-financial reporting has been integrated with the financial reporting system throughout 2011. Telenor had no work-related fatalities among employees during 2011. However, three work-related fatalities were reported by in-house contractors. They were all security guards working at our base stations and killed during robbery. It is also to great regret that as many as 10 employees of Telenor’s first line suppliers died during work for Telenor; three of these as a result of road traffic accidents and unfortunately another seven killed by hostile attack or robbery. The majority of these incidents relate to the general security situation in Pakistan. With our contractors and suppliers, Telenor has investigated these fatalities with the main objective to prevent similar incidents in the future. Telenor has also followed up and secured that the families of all the deceased have been taken care of by the respective suppliers. For the whole group, the Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) for Telenor in 2011 was 0.45 injuries per million worked hours. The sickness absence frequency for the Group in 2011 was 1.8%, comprised of 3.3% in the Nordic region, 2.4% in the CEE region, and 1.0% in Asia. /page 11/ telenor annual report 2011 report from the board of directors 2011 Telenor Group has worked system­ atically on reducing risk in the supply chain in 2011 as in previous years. Telenor has by the end of 2011 con­ tractually committed 12 354 suppliers world­wide to adhere to its Supplier Conduct Principles and has performed a close monitoring to this effect. During 2011, the Telenor companies have carried out 2 397 announced or unannounced supplier inspections locally, complemented with three Group audits of large global suppliers. In addition, at the end of 2010, Telenor carried out a global supplier self assessment covering 1 750 suppliers globally, which has been followed up by systematic work in every business unit during 2011, with a successful reduction of a related risk indicator by 88%. For information on CO2 emission and other environmental issues, please see the last sections under corporate responsibility further below. PeoPle DeveloPment At the end of 2011, Telenor Group had 32 030 employees, 25 270 of whom are outside of Norway. This is a 4% reduction compared to 2010. Telenor Group works consistently to attract the most talented people in the industry, grow its business by effective talent management and develop leadership by utilising management and experts across the business units. This is based on a business culture with strong leadership and execution skills, as well as responsible business: the Telenor Way. The Telenor Way includes five elements: Vision, Company Values, Codes of Conduct, Policies and Pro­ cedures and Leadership Expectations. The Codes of Conduct was revised in 2011, making it easily applicable in the daily work of our employees. Telenor Group shall enable its managers to deliver on business goals through empowerment and clear leadership, and take measures so that needed experts and capable leaders are moving around across countries with more ease and greater impact. It is vital to enable business units to get hold of relevant competence and personnel across business and geo­ graphic borders. Therefore the Group has prepared for a common operating model for people development across the Telenor companies globally. This model will enable common processes; mobility of competences across coun­ tries; strategic workforce planning as well as standardised development programs for leaders and experts. Telenor consistently strives to develop leadership capabilities and knowledge. Telenor Group is committed to ensuring diversity and non­d...
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