BIO 181 Lab assignment 1

6 22 points ac c ess t he virt ual mic rosc ope whic

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Unformatted text preview: rt ual mic rosc ope whic h shows t he elec t ron mic rograph of a spinac h c ell. Loc at e one of t he yellow st ruc t ures wit hin t he c ell, inc rease t he magnif ic at ion and t ake a sc reen shot of t he yellow st ruc t ure at t he highest magnif ic at ion. Not e: As when using a real mic rosc ope, you must c ent er t he objec t of int erest bef ore magnif ying. Upload your image of t he magnif ied yellow st ruc t ure here: (it must be in .jpg or .png f ormat ; do not use symbols in t he f ile name) Highly Magnif ied Y ellow Circ le.jpg Score: 2 out of 2 C omment: Graded: 2 point s by Wingat e, Marvin on T uesday, August 27 2013 01:56 PM EDT . Solut ion or Explanat ion See f eedbac k if you did not rec eive f ull c redit . www.webassig nment- Responses/last?dep= 7078042 3/3...
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