Format and Rubric for Reaction Papers SPRING 2014

If its a book chapter in an edited volume tell me

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Unformatted text preview: understand sociological theory or give broad social examples to illustrate your point – You could also tell me how you might collect data to refute the findings of the source. (cite material we have covered in class or other scholarly, peer- reviewed/ academic literature, this can include peer reviewed literature, books, studies, data sources, Exclude news sources. you may ADD your alternative knowledge 40% - Excellent: Completely Thorough and clear. Expressing sociologically relevant thoughts and ANALYSIS about issues addressed by film and linking this to scholarly sociological literature. Please show me that you’re learning something in this class. Explains the literature source (is an article, by whom, generally what is article about, - - - - - findings, etc. If it’s a book chapter in an edited volume tell me about the book, who its edited by and who...
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