Format and Rubric for Reaction Papers SPRING 2014

Just fyi your source should be sociological journal

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Unformatted text preview: 0 No attempt to link information and film 0 (note: if you’re not able to properly present alternative forms of knowledge then this will be taken out of the last part for film 3 and I’ll ask you just find a source and tell me how it relates . Read up in your book on meaning, qualitative methods, and know you are not going to challenge scholarly literature with your opinion, so tell me what or how you could explore your opinion in a scholarly way that would refute the literature you selected. If you agree with the literature and it supports some point you made, please explain exactly how the literature does this. Be very clear…not vague) It is perfectly fine to use the knowledge and beliefs that you have, these must be in addition to scholarly sources. Remember that there...
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