Format and Rubric for Reaction Papers SPRING 2014

Somewhat relevant to sociology 10 no relevance to

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Unformatted text preview: ize the paper, then write intro paragraph last) Excellent grammar and org 10 Fair grammar and organization 5 - Poor grammar and organization 0 Briefly summarize what the film(s) was about (both films if two) - 15% Sociologically relevant questions raised (using sociological imagination) 15/ somewhat relevant to sociology 10 / no relevance to sociology 5 / no question 0 (REACTION) State what you agreed with and liked about the film(s) and why- comment on each film. 10% - Thorough explanation of thoughts about the film (using sociological imagination) 10 / vague explanation of thoughts 5 / no explanation of thoughts 0 (REACTION) State what you did not agree with or like about the film(s) and why - comment on each film. 10% - Thorough explanation...
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