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Job Letter Examples Business and Writing

Why should this convince the reader to hire you my

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Unformatted text preview: rsal Orlando. Why should this convince the reader to hire you? My experience in sales and customer relationship management, along with my courses in marketing, has convinced me that hospitality marketing is a career option I would like to explore. More importantly, an internship with Universal Orlando would be mutually beneficial. Your company has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, and I know that the combination of my experience, education, and motivation to excel will make me an asset to your marketing department. Shows the reader how they will benefit, but what from? There's no details or examples of qualifications or experience. I am sure that it would be worthwhile for us to meet. I will contact you within a week to arrange a meeting. Should you have any questions before that time, you ma y reach me via phone (502742-8900) or via email ([email protected]). Thank you for your time and consideration. If you're sending a formal job letter as a document file, use only one line of space after "Sincerely" (since you won't be adding a signature). Sincerely, James Leary Date: Mon, 9 April 2011 From: Kevin Smith [[email protected]] Subject: Application for Assistant Regional Sales Manager (mtt-01/3439) To: [email protected] Dear Mr. Dent, My name is Kevin Smith, and I am applying for the position of Assistant Regional Sales Great details: there's explanation of the applicant's abilities and experience, combined with a real Manag...
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