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Written instructions for simple unambiguous gestures

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Unformatted text preview: attraction to initiate interaction with it. to 25 25 Communicating interactive gestures Methods of communicating interactive gestures. – Written instructions. For simple, unambiguous gestures. – Illustration. More universal than written instructions. – Demonstration. Typically show a loop so the gesture can be imitated. – Use of symbols. Communicate the presence of the system and how to use it. – Simile and metaphor. “Move your hand like you are stirring a pot”. 26 26 Index Introducing interactive gestures. Designing for the human body. Patterns for touchscreens. Patterns for free-form gestures. Documenting interactive gestures. Prototyping interactive gestures. Communicating interactive gestures. The future of interactive gestures. 27 27 The future of interactive gestures Widespread adoption in the home and office. Supplanting the desktop metaphore? Specialized applications and products. New input devices. Convergence with other technologies. – Voice recognition, virtual reality… Gesturing with smart objects. Optimized for touch. Better tools for creation. 28 28 The future of interactive gestures Toward standards. – We’ll need some standards for interactive We’ll gestures: turn light on/off, ATM’s and kiosks… gestures: – Patents stand in the way of standarization. Gestures cannot be patented. Gestures tied to a specific action can be patented Gestures (pinch to shrink). (pinch “The best way to predict the future is to The invent it” – Alan Kay. invent 29 29 The end 30 30...
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