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Design a high fidelity prototype should look like the

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Unformatted text preview: expensive and the idea is to High-fidelity design and test as many of the details as possible. design A high-fidelity prototype should look like the final product. 21 21 Prototyping interactive gestures To test the prototype you need a test plan and a To test moderator script, that make sure your gestures are: moderator – – – – Discoverable (“What would you do if you wanted to do X?”). Meaningful (“Would you ever do that?”). Useful (“Are you able to do what you wanted to do?”). Usable (“Can you do that action?”). 10 test subjects will usually quickly reveal the flaws of 10 your product. your 22 22 Index Introducing interactive gestures. Designing for the human body. Patterns for touchscreens. Patterns for free-form gestures. Documenting interactive gestures. Prototyping interactive gestures. Communicating interactive gestures. The future of interactive gestures. 23 23 Communicating interactive gestures Communicating interactive gestures means Communicating communicating 2 pieces of information: communicating – Presence: there is a gestural system. – Instruction: How to use the system. Three zones of engagement. – – – Attraction. Observation. Interaction. Attraction Observation Interaction 24 24 Communicating interactive gestures People aren’t accustomed to using interactive People gestures. They have fear. gestures. An attraction affordance should invite the user An...
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