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Gestural 16 16 documenting interactive gestures

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Unformatted text preview: ion. All very complex, seldom used to document All gestural interfaces. gestural 16 16 Documenting interactive gestures Scenarios. – Sketches with words: “She touches de blinking area, and the Sketches map zooms…” Use cases. Task analysis and flows. Wireframes. – For visual design. Keyframes. – When the gesture is slightly complicated. Gestural modules document. Storyboarding. Animation & movies. 17 17 Index Introducing interactive gestures. Designing for the human body. Patterns for touchscreens. Patterns for free-form gestures. Documenting interactive gestures. Prototyping interactive gestures. Communicating interactive gestures. The future of interactive gestures. 18 18 Prototyping interactive gestures Prototypes give you feedback to refine the final Prototypes product. product. Initially use low-fidelity prototypes, to focus on Initially the concept, features, gestures, etc. the Each prototype should become increasingly Each refined. refined. 19 19 Prototyping interactive gestures Low-fidelity prototypes can be made of paper to focus on Low-fidelity the concept. the For some devices it’s usefull to prototype it’s physical For form. It can change the gestures that can be employed to engage with it. to 20 20 Prototyping interactive gestures “The man behind the curtain” can manipulate a lowfidelity prototype into seeming more interactive than it fidelity really is. really High-fidelity prototypes are...
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