Carnegie Mellon Parralel Computing Notes on Lecture 6

its serial execution recall amdahls law what is s

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Unformatted text preview: w int[N]; bool* is_prime = new bool[N]; // initialize elements of x while (1) { int i; lock(counter_lock); i = counter++; atomic_incr(counter); unlock(counter_lock); if (i >= N) break; is_prime[i] = test_primality(x[i]); } CMU 15-418, Spring 2014 Dynamic assignment using work queues Sub-problems (a.k.a. “tasks”, “work”) Shared work queue: a list of work to do (for now, let’s assume each piece of work is independent) Worker threads: Pull data from shared work queue Push new work to queue as it’s created T1 T2 T3 T4 CMU 15-418, Spring 2014 What constitutes a piece of work? ▪ What is a potential problem with this implementation? LOCK counter_lock; int counter = 0; // shared variable (assume // initialization to 0) const int N = 1024; float* x = new float[N]; bool* prime = new bool[N]; // initialize elements of x...
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