Computational Mechanism Design Optimal Auction Design

References 1 bakos y 1997 reducing buyer search costs

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Unformatted text preview: rmation about clearing prices from previous problem instances, to allow agents to predict likely outcomes even before an auction begins. This is a useful role for middleware in agent-mediated auctions. References 1. Bakos, Y. 1997. Reducing buyer search costs: Implications for electronic marketplaces. Management Science 4312. 2. Boutilier, C.; Goldszmidt, M.; and Sabata, B. 1999. Sequential auctions for the allocation of resources with complementarities. In Proc. 16th International Joint Conference on Arti cial Intelligence IJCAI-99, 527 534. 3. Ehrman, C., and Peters, M. 1994. Sequential selling mechanisms. Economic Theory 4:237 253. 4. Greenwald, A., and Kephart, J. O. 1999. Shopbots and pricebots. In Proc. 16th International Joint Conference on Arti cial Intelligence IJCAI-99, 506 511. 5. Guttman, R. H., and Maes, P. 1998. Cooperative vs. competitive multi-agent negotiations in retail electronic commerce. In Proc. 2nd International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents CIA'98. 6. Hausch, D. B., and Li, L. 1993. A common value auction model with endogeneous entry and information acquisition. Economic Theory 3:315 334. 7. Huhns, M. H., and Vidal, J. M. 1999. Online auctions. IEEE Internet Computing 33:103 105. 8. K r-Dahav, N. E.; Monderer, D.; and Tennenholtz, M. 1998. Mechanism design for resource bounded agents. Technical report, Technion. 9. Lehmann, D.; O'Callaghan, L.; and Shoham, Y. 1999. Truth revelation in rapid, approximately e cient combinatorial auctions. In Proc. ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce EC-99. 13 10. Lippman, S. A., and McCall, J. J. 1976. The economics of job search: A survey. Economic Inquiry 14:155 189. 11. McAfee, R. P., and McMillan, J. 1987a. Auctions with entry. Economic Letters 23:343 347. 12. McAfee, R. P., and McMillan, J. 1987b. Auctions and bidding. Journal of Economic Literature 25:699 738. 13. Monderer, D., and Tennenholtz, M. 1998. Internet auctions - are they gamblers' attraction? Technical report, Technion. 14. Nisan, N.,...
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