According to hubbles law the age of the universe can

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Unformatted text preview: in the past, all maJer in the Universe was far more concentrated than it is today. •  It was then blown apart in an immense explosion called the Big Bang, giving all observable maJer more or less the veloci<es that we observe today.   The very earliest • Universe, in extremely hot and dense condi<ons, consisted of nothing other than protons, neutrons, electrons, and a few other elementary par=cles. hJp://<n/powersof60/images/cmbr.jpg 9 The Big Bang •  When did the Big Bang happen? According to Hubble’s law, the age of the Universe can be es<mated as follows: MaJer at a distance r away from us is travelling with speed v = H0r. The <me t needed to travel a distance r is r r 1 t= = = = 1.4 ! 1010 y v H 0r H0 •  By this hypothesis the Big Bang occurred about 14 billion years ago. •  cf., the age of the Earth determined from radioac<ve da<ng is 4.54 billion years. 10 The Big Bang •  Because the maJer that emiJed radia<ons (at the Big Bang) was moving away from the “explosion center” at tremendous spe...
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