In some sense the expansion is analogous to blowing

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Unformatted text preview: ope: hJp:// The Challenger disaster: hJp:// ­history.html hJp://< ­live/photos/000/317/ cache/challenger ­disaster ­myths ­explosion_31734_600x450.jpg 6 Expansion of the Universe •  The space between galaxies has been increasing. •  In some sense, the expansion is analogous to blowing up of a balloon, or baking of bread. •  The size of a loaf of bread (Universe) increases and the distances (space) between the raisins (galaxies) also increase. •  If you sit on one of the raisins, you will see that all the other raisins are receding from you. •  The farther away a raisin Note: Size of raisins (galaxies) not changed. locates, the faster it recedes. hJp:// hJp://ffden ­ 7 Expansion of the Universe (infinite density & zero volume) hJp:// 8 The Big Bang •  Hubble’s law suggests that at some <me...
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