Stephen hawking i know sheldon cooper i want to thank

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Unformatted text preview: s.html 13 hJp://<me_curvature.jpg Black Holes •  The surface of the sphere of radius equal to the Schwarzschild radius RS is called the event horizon of the black hole: 14 Detec<ng Black Holes •  A binary ­star system in which an ordinary star and a black hole orbit each other. The black hole itself cannot be seen, but the x ­ rays from its accre=on disk can be detected. 15 hJp:// Detec<ng Black Holes •  These false ­color image and simula<on show the mo=ons of stars at the center of our galaxy over a 14 ­year period. Analyzing these orbits using Kepler’s third law indicates that the stars are moving about an unseen object that is some 4.1 x 106 <mes the mass of the Sun: hJp:// ­ 16 The Big Bang Theory (Season 5, Episode 21, 2012) [S...
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